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area 10 minuti

Area 10 Minuti

Guests and fellow travelers, Pay Attention!

After a summer of evidence from 15 September is operating within the ‘airport of Malpensa l’ Area 10 Minuti.

If you are in transit at Terminal 1 of ‘airport you only have 10 minutes to stand in the space provided to the plans Arrivals and Departures.

A camera with clock will record your input and your output.

10 Minutes to greet a friend or a guest at the start, 10 Minutes to welcome it if it’s coming!

In case you need more time you can make use of parking charges present plans and well marked.

This new in 2014.

That time is a precious resource we all know, especially if we are no longer kids.

In this case, however, is precious and dear to those who do not keep an eye on the clock or not be able to stay in the times there will be heavy fines!

Pay Attention then friends and bon voyage!

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