B&B I Due Noci di Cinzia Pedrani

Lakes of Varese

There are ten lakes in our small province.

The Lake Maggiore is the largest and the most well-known but there are others, less touristy but no less fascinating.

My favorite, for example, is Lake Monate. A small body of water for bathing, with many beautiful corners. It is my favorite destination, especially in summer, when I can carve out a half-day off and I want a little relaxation.

When I am in the mood to do sport my favorite destination is the lake of Varese and its path, 27 Km of peace, tranquility and beautiful landscapes, enjoiable all year round, even on foot.

And if I feel fit i step directly to the new nike path of the lake Comabbio, another little paradise.

In short, there is always something to do and spending a day at the lake means to fill your eyes and heart of colors, images and ideas really unique, rejuvenating.

Try it!