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Sacro Monte di Varese

The “Sacro Monte di Varese” is probably the most fascinating journey “Mariniano” in the world and has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites since 2003.

I would say that this place alone is definitely worth the trip!

It consists of 14 chapels leading to the sanctuary of Santa Maria del Monte, a place of pilgrimage since medieval times.

Climbing the chapels takes about an hour’s walk but I assure you it’s worth it: whether you’re a believer or not you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the place, with its breathtaking views and with its spirituality that will inevitably reach!

It is a destination that has no season, it’s fairytale snowy in winter, romantic in the spring with the colors and scents of flowers, charming in summer, especially in the evening, with the paving stones that reflect the warm rays of the sun, and finally magic in the autumn, with a thousand different colors of nature. A truly unique place!