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August 2018: open for holidays!

August has arrived, the long-awaited, desired, dreamed and deserved holidays have arrived!

In this summer to say the least anomalous, at least from a meteorological point of view, with autumn weather, monsoon rains and incredibly luxuriant vegetation, has arrived the fateful “vacation time”. Despite the forecasts insist that summer 2014 will be late (but it will come ….)

Oops, is it a typo?

The bursting energy of today’s mega moon has sent me in confusion?

Do not worry.
What you read is an article of my blog 4 years ago: even then, as today, the B & B I Due Noci had remained open throughout the month of August, to accommodate the many summer tourists.

In 4 years some things have changed.

Ombra, our beloved labrador, is no longer among us for 3 years now. In his place there is Joy, a small and affectionate cat of banister. It is completely black, just like our Shadow.

Stefano and Giacomo will not be here to welcome you!
Stefano has not lived here for years. It may happen to find him here, visiting, to make the mother happy.

Giacomo still lives here but this summer is in Buenos Aires. He decided to attend the next university semester there.

So you will find me to welcome you: I will be here all the month and I will be happy to be part of your well-deserved vacation.

I have enhanced the services, here you can find the complete list.

I left the prices unchanged: they are exactly the same as 4 years ago despite the many improvements made and additional services.

What to say again?

I wait for you: check availability immediately and book your stay directly from the site, in this way you will get the best guaranteed price!

Well, curious to know how my post of 2014 continued?

Here you are satisfied.

Happy reading and … happy holidays!


these days are busy: all traveling, up and down Italy and beyond, looking for relaxation, tranquility, rest and maybe some sun!

I Due Noci, also this year, will remain “open for holidays” not mine but yours, traveler friend.

The novelty is that in the next few weeks, if you decide to stay at our bed and breakfast, you may find one of my sons, Stefano or Giacomo, welcome you in my place. Incredibly, the two “little boys” offered to help me with the house, guests and Ombra … They really became great!

Same quality of reception, do not worry, but a different smile to give you the welcome!

So if you find yourself passing through here, between Milan and Varese, between Malpensa and Lake Maggiore, do not hesitate and call us, or write us, we will be happy to welcome you.

See you soon and good holidays … 🙂

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