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How important is it, in a bed and breakfast, the time of breakfast?

I think it’s inevitable, running a bed and breakfast, to have a passion for breakfast, or rather, the Bs.

I personally love this time of the day and do not like when I cannot devote all the time that, in my opinion, it deserves. A slice of cake, perhaps home-made (strict gluten-free …), good tea (preferably green), a cappuccino (but prepared in the right way…), fruit, yogurt … In short, to be clear, in the morning I would never get up from the table!

But we are not all equal. In recent years I had the opportunity to observe hundreds of people having their breakfast and I realized that habits are endless!

There are those who does not have breakfast at all… they leave fast, or too slow … but they will not even ask for a coffee. Then there are those who come, sit, speak little, quickly consumes something and runs away, and again those who calmly taste everything, maybe ask for an encore, take more sugar, only honey, coffee, long, short, cold, hot … and meanwhile remains silent or talk, talk, talk …

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