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The App Expo 2015

The EXPO is getting closer. 50 days to the big event: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

I thought to “sacrifice” myself and to review for you, guests and friends of the B & B I Due Noci, the new App EXPO 2015 (Available for both IOS and Android).

You can downloads the app quickly, register (not mandatory) in a fast and intuitive way and then it literally gives you a massive amount of information about this event.

The first thing I noticed is that it is beautiful, colorful, engaging, i would say funny and with a layout definitely brilliant. Congratulations.

The second is that it is very easy to use, full of different various information.

It has a “News” and a “Social” section, with all articles, posts and images updated in real time.

It is also beautiful the “Events” section, proposed by date with in-depth article and photos.

Moreover, it is very well done the “Map”, with thematic areas, exhibition countries and cluster, all with identifiable and detailed description.

The section “Buy Tickets” is easy to use: with a few steps you can evaluate all the current offers, choose the best for you and buy your tickets on-line or find the nearest dealer.

One last thing, perhaps the only one that, in my personal opinion, could be improved.

There is not a section “Recipes”, but navigating in the News section there is a link that allows you to “discover the recipes that can be prepared ….” And like magic, it brings you 49 693 recipes from 2,015 sources (numbers updated daily) that just wait to be tried.

Overall my opinion is more than positive, so if you are interested in Expo and you want to get  “prepared” I advise you to immediately download the App and … bon voyage!

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